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Skill Levels

Videos For Every Stage of Your Grooming Career

Looking for videos curated around your skill level? Check out Learn2GroomDogs Tracks! Click the link below that best suits your level of experience and start learning.

Videos Curated For Beginner Groomers to Salon Owners is jam-packed with hundreds of videos from top experts in the pet grooming industry, making it an incredible resource for groomers at any stage of their career. To make getting started even easier, we’ve introduced Tracks to our library. These are groups of videos that we’ve hand-sorted based on when they’d be most valuable for a groomer to learn about. Check out the Tracks below and get started with the one that best suits you! Happy grooming!


Just Getting Started:

You are just starting out in your new career as a professional pet groomer. You are enrolled in a training program, either hands-on or online. Or you are in an apprenticeship program at a grooming salon. Or you are teaching yourself how to groom pets.

Congratulations on selecting pet grooming as a career option! Let us help you get started down the right path for effective learning!

Beginner Groomer:

You are comfortable dealing with basic procedures like; bathing, drying, brushing, trimming nails, cleaning ears, and trimming feet. You can easily remove mats, tangles, and loose fur from a pet. You are familiar with the tools and equipment used to groom pets. You’re comfortable working with clippers and holding scissors correctly. Doing bathing and drying on bath and brush style pets is a breeze for you. You find doing low maintenance, one length all over haircuts goes smoothly for you. Pets respond favorably to you and trust you as you treat them with respect and compassion. You clearly understand basic anatomy plus the terms used to identify parts of the pet. You feel relaxed and confident in handling pets as you work with them.

If you answered yes to all of these, whoo-hoo!! It’s time for you to move into the next level of video lessons! If anything listed above made you question where you are, that’s OK. Just spend a little more time reviewing the videos in this level and the one prior. Then practice! You’ll gain the confidence in no time to move up the ranks.

Pet Stylist

One of the cool things about professional pet grooming, there is always plenty you can do to improve your skills. If you are at this level, give yourself a huge pat on the back! This is a big level with plenty of lessons to keep you busy for a long time!

You are learning about purebreds, designer breeds, and how to enhance their looks through grooming and styling. At this level, you are learning about bone and muscle structure, angles, and how to enhance the look of a pet through pattern setting and corrective grooming. This is where the ‘pet groomer’ becomes the ‘pet stylist.’

Now is the time to learn more advanced skills when using your equipment. You are mastering your breed identification, pattern setting and all the different coat types we work on in a professional setting. You are perfecting your skills for ultra-smooth finishes with both your clippers and scissors. You’re always looking at ways to make a dog look and feel better. You’re starting to experiment with products and tools to give you the best results while solving your clients’ pet grooming and hygiene problems.

You are understanding there are many ‘right ways’ to do anything in professional pet grooming as long it follows these four rules:

  1. Is safe for the pet?
  2. Is it safe for you?
  3. Does it yield a quality result?
  4. Is it efficient?

Advanced Pet Stylists:

Advanced pet stylists, or those looking to earn this status, are the superstars of our industry. You are looking to master the art of pet grooming and styling.

If you are at this level, you are a true pet enthusiast. Chances are, dogs are way more than just a job to you. They are your life. Your passion. Your entertainment.

Many professionals at this level embrace competition in dog sports, contest styling, advanced education via breed groups, certification via official organizations and testing to advance and expand their skill set.

To achieve this status, it will take work and dedication. If you are working at this level – kudos to you! You are one of the influencers of our industry and we know you share our enthusiasm about our mission and motto, “Education is Everything!”

Salon Owner / Manager:

As a salon owner and manager, you wear many hats.

  • You are a leader who needs to inspire, motivate and encourage your team to achieve goals.
  • As a manager, you deal with day-to-day operations including customer service, scheduling, achieving goals and quotas, maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, and making sure everything meets local and government standards.
  • Many times, you are also the marketer, art director, and social media manager.
  • A few of you are the bookkeeper and accountant as well.
  • Other times you are the janitor, maintenance crew, receptionist, salon designer, purchasing agent, or an array of other titles which automatically come with the job title of Salon Owner or Manager!

If you can relate to the list above – this area is for you!

Join our Industry Experts as they share their experiences of running and managing their businesses. We’re sure you will glean inspiration, motivation, and excitement to charge on with your own business or team of pet professionals!