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Mastering the Doodle - What You Need to Know to Groom Doodles Faster and Better

In This Video Lesson Series, You'll Learn

  • Expert Tips you need to WOW your customers
  • How to make thick-coated doodle grooming easier and satisfying
  •  Discover the right products, tools and techniques to groom doodles faster
  • You'll receive a free, downloadable quick reference guide

Learn with Irinia "Pina" Pinkusevich

In this video, join award-winning pet stylist Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich. Pina has won multiple Best-in-Show and Best All-Around Groomer awards including the Lynne Carver Award, the Liz Paul Memorial Award, the Winner’s Circle Jackpot and the World Dog Show’s World Champion Award. Pina is a former GroomTeam USA competitor and serves as a judge and lecturer. Pina is a National Certified Master Groomer with the National Dog Groomers of America and is also a certifier for NGDAA.

Mr. & Mrs. Picky

In This Video Lesson, You’ll Learn

  • Why picky clients detract from your business
  • The types of picky clients which is the most dangerous
  • Why the "golden rule" is not what you think in a service based industry
  • What type of attitude best satisfies picky clients
  • What a picky client can help you achieve
  • You’ll receive a free, downloadable quick reference guide

Learn with Joe Zuccarello

When it comes to managing and operating a pet service business, no one is more knowledgeable than Joe Zuccarello. His years of experience are evident in his solid advice. He is highly sought as an industry speaker. Joe refers to this presentation as one of his “fan favorites.” It’s easy to understand why. Many of us deal with picky clients. Do you find them easy to work with? Most of us don’t. In fact – many of us literally run the other way when we see this type of client on the books!

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