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What Members Are Saying!

I had the privilege of meeting Melissa at Intergroom. I had to tell her how much I appreciated this masterful work of art Learn2GroomDogs. I started grooming in the mid 90’s and I quickly found out that I simply could not learn enough or quick enough! I had to read grooming instructions in books and my translation to the dog did not fit the pictures of the breeds at all. Or else I had to wait months for hands on workshops and maybe I had a dog to bring – or maybe not. I was very discouraged and I truly felt that my grooming skills would never improve. But now – after all of these years – it happened. I turn on Learn2GroomDogs every day and there is a grooming class of any kind at my fingertips. Thank you Melissa. There are countless groomers out there just like me and I know that they feel the very same way.

– Jayne Gallagher

I first joined when I started getting serious about my competitive career. I knew I needed to fine-tune my skills and while I love a good hands-on lesson, there was so much I needed to learn, and still need to learn, that I would never cover all my bases strictly with in-person training. I signed up for one month so I could peruse the site and see if I liked it. Needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. I can go back to my favorite videos for a refresher before a contest or dog show, I can look up breed trims I’m less familiar with, and in some cases learn one trim from multiple professionals. Not to mention- my pet grooming has greatly improved since applying my skills to those shorter trims. Because of Learn2GroomDogs, I enter the contest ring and the show ring with confidence. I’m sure I’ll maintain my subscription for years to come. Thanks, L2GD!

– Kathryn Dixon

These videos are awesome! Get your learn on!

– Suesan Watson

I love these videos and they have helped me tremendously.

– Tara Messer

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful service. I’ve learned so much. After 15 years of praying over my tuck ups (all breeds) I am pleased to report that because of you I have seen the light and I now make beautiful tuck ups.

– Jocelyn Draper-Chislett

Judy Hudson’s “difficult dog” video is the best I’ve ever watched!!!! Thank you so much.

– Kim Wychock

I love! I have learned so much! Thank you so much for this amazing dog grooming resource!

– Heather Graziano

Like every groomer out there I have my own story, And Learn2GroomDogs has been a part of it for sure. When I first opened my shop I had never worked under another groomer. I had bred and shown dogs for 25 years and attended a 200-hour grooming course locally. I don’t think I had ever picked up a pair of clippers in my life until that course! Learn2GroomDogs was a lifeline to me then. I would get online in the evening and study how to do that first Airedale I’d ever done – tomorrow! It would be fun to tell you about it. My only problem right now is time! I’m booked out two months ahead and I work 6 days a week. Over a year ago I stopped doing larger dogs – I’m 64, have a bad back and I love to groom. Now I’m even busier! Mind you, busy for me is 4-5 dogs per day. This is a good pace for me and I attract clients who are looking for individual attention and a calm, safe place for their little dogs to be cared for. You can check out my website listed below for a good overview of my story.

– Holly Williams

I just love the videos, I’ve learned so much. Thanks!

– Erica Andersson

Melissa gathers the industry superstars for this series!

– Nani

Never ending learning!

– Amy Triezenberg

Awesome compilation of amazing material.

– Sharon Helgeson

Love it! Thank you for providing this!

– Lorelei Shelton

Love all the info, I’m excited to find a few videos on lagotto dogs. I have never heard of this breed but I have two coming in next week and I would be very nervous if it weren’t for you guys.

– Angela Elmer

I left a high pressure job, middle management of a hospital. I didn’t have a plan but knew I needed out of that environment. My friends own the shop I currently work at and after shaving my cat I made a random comment about Grooming cats for them. Within an hour they had me scheduled for training with Kim Raisenan, Professional Cat Groomers of America president and offered me a plethora of options from helping me open up in my own business to working for them. I began working for them 5 years ago. Having had grown up in the AKC show ring with my Brittanys, I had some grooming knowledge. They gradually added dogs to fill my schedule until I built my cat clientele. Labs, shepherds, huskies then gradually they added more difficult breeds to groom. I learned by going to groom expos, watching the lectures and with clipper booth demos, reading standards, and referring to “Notes from the Grooming Table.”

Then Learn2GroomDogs changed my world. I have learned so much from having access to the series. My skills have evolved, giving me confidence and pride in my work. I have a lovely mix of dogs and cats and my schedule is filled with regular clients. Learn2groomdogs remains a fabulous resource for me, and I frequently utilize and refer to the videos – many of them over and over again. Thank you for being there for me!

– LeeAnn Menut