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Shed Control Treatment Special

Thank you for requesting the Shed Control Treatment special offer! You will now have access to the video below!

In the recorded Facebook Live you will learn…
  • What the Shed Control Treatment is
  • How it is different from your normal services
  • How to sell the Shed Control Treatment
  • What to charge for the treatment

In the special feature video, Sarah demonstrates how to complete a Shed Control Treatment.

  1. Front staff does a series of tug tests with Pet Parent present.
  2. Groomer to assess the dogs condition and do their own tug tests.
  3. High-velocity blow-out the dog BEFORE the bath to remove excess coat and dander. This is the most important step! Rely solely on air to do the work for you.
  4. Do a tug test to see your progress after the blow-out.
  5. Bring dog to the tub to bathe with Deshed Shampoo & Conditioner. Rinse and towel dry thoroughly.
  6. High-velocity dry completely with tool combination (slicker brush, curry brush, etc.). We invested time at the beginning, getting a lot of coat out. Drying time should be very quick now!
  7. Do a tug test. Are you satisfied? Great!
  8. Brush finishing spray/leave-in conditioner into the coat.
  9. Send the dog home with a satisfied pet parent.
  • Shed Control Treatment should not be confused with dematting, Matted areas must come out before the Shed Control. If the dog is matted and needs extra time, that is different.
  • For best results, we’re going to recommend that the pet comes in every 4-6 weeks to stay ahead of the pets normal shedding cycle.
  • The pet parent can elect to bring the pet back in within one week to have a mini-shed control treatment. Consisting of the finishing spray, high-velocity drying and brush out.


By giving Shed Control Treatment its own identity, we see groomers charge for this service two common ways…

  • A tiered approach – $10, $15, $20, etc. additional to their normal base price.
  • 50% of the pets base price. For example, the pets base price is $60 then the Shed Control Treatment would be an additional $30.