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Are Thinning Shears Important to Your Daily Grooms?

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Video DescriptionAbout Melissa Verplank


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There are very few quality stylists who do not use thinning shears daily on almost every pet they groom. This shear is used to blend, buffer, soften, and erase lines.

In this session, Melissa discusses the importance of this type of tool, including how they work and how they cut the coat. She demonstrates proper holding techniques and how to run the shear correctly. Melissa also tells you what to look for when comparing different thinning shears. She also shares tips on where to learn about and buy great blenders that you’ll be happy with for years. Plus, she helps you understand what you can expect to spend on a new pair of thinners if you want them to run effortlessly.

In this video you will learn:


  • The 3 main techniques used with blenders.

    • How important the number of teeth are on a pair of thinners.

    • Which types of coat work well with this tool.

    • How much to spend on this type of shear.

    • Where to find great blenders and thinners.

Melissa Verplank

Certifications: CMG

Melissa Verplank - CMG, has over 30 years’ experience in the pet grooming industry. Her mastery of grooming techniques has won her numerous awards on a national & international level earning her the right to become a team member on GroomTeam USA. She has been the GroomTeam Coordinator and currently sits on the Board of GroomTeam USA. Ms. Verplank is an industry speaker, author, two time Cardinal Crystal Achievement award winner, Barkleigh Honors award winner and contest grooming judge.

During her formative years she ran a fleet of mobile grooming units and a busy grooming salon. In 1992, Verplank founded one of the Midwest's largest and progressive pet styling training centers; The Paragon School of Pet Grooming Inc. in Jenison, Michigan. Ms. Verplank realized the need for quality training and reference materials. To meet that need she created White Dog Enterprises Inc., a business which develops creative learning products for the professional pet stylist. The leading products for this company are Notes From the Grooming Table, The Theory of Five, and core-skill method training videos geared to training professional pet groomers. In 2007 she opened Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa. The resort has become the premier boarding facility in the west Michigan area offering luxury accommodations for boarding, daycare, grooming, and pet training. In 2010, Melissa launched her latest educational business,, an on-line streaming video library of educational material for all levels of professional pet grooming and styling.

Most recently, Melissa has earned the 2016 Barkleigh Honors Award for Book of the Year with the release of the second edition of Notes From the Grooming Table.  Her website, also was its third consecutive Barkleigh Honors Award for Website of the Year.

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