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Atlanta Pet Fair 2022: Effective and Mindful Deshedding and Dematting

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This class will unlock the truth behind why “Prep Work Is Power”!

In this course, groomers will explore deshedding and dematting practices that best serve us to make each grooming visit easier, and methods that achieve overall optimal coat health. We’ll investigate the best product choices for 5 coat type categories: double and triple coated breeds, drop coated and curly-coated breeds, and those combination coats.

We’ll take a deep dive into the hows and whys of natural coat growth and shedding cycles by coat type and how genetics ultimately affect skin & coat. By the end of this class, groomers will know what are our best choices for tools, topicals, and salon care that’s mindfully created.

Christein Pearson-Sertzel

Company: Owner, Finer DeTails Pet Spa, Sweetgrass Wellness Center, and Special Kneads Canine Massage

Chris is a career pet stylist and dog person of over 35 years. Mother to 3 teenagers and as an independent business owner, she still finds time for a host of grooming industry projects.

Currently, she is the owner and operator of Finer DeTails Pet Spa, Sweetgrass Wellness Center, and Special Kneads Canine Massage in Mazomanie, WI.

She is an award-winning competition groomer, retired competition judge with both IJA and USA panels has multiple national grooming certifications from the NDGAA, IPG, and is a Certified Canine Esthetician specializing in canine skin & coat care and nutrition.

Christein is the first pet groomer and industry teacher to ever gain her accredited title as a Holistic Animal Educator, thru the HAA. In addition to her efforts within the grooming salon and its industry, Chris is the founder of the Wisconsin Association of Professional Pet Stylists/WPGA and MPGA, cofounder of the National Alliance of Grooming Associations, cofounder of the Society of Holistic Pet Professionals, and as a breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, she also sat as the WI State Director for the National Cavalier Rescue Trust and helps in small breed dog senior rescue & foster work through her network, Vintage Hearts Senior Rescue.

At current, Chris has also opened a WPA PGC Credentialed grooming school, Sage Pet Grooming Academy.
You can also find A host of her training up material within the WPAPGC library under Certified Canine and Esthetician courses and the Mindful Groomer Learning Series.

Chris actively writes blogs and online articles is a member of National Dog Writers of America and is the author of 6 industry guidebooks and multiple continuing education courses. She has created her own line of all-natural canine skin & coat therapy products, Canine Spa Therapies, and a newly formed aromatherapy business specifically for groomers & their pets, Groom Therapy.

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