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Everyday Salon Styling on a Maltese Mix (Part 2 of 5-Part Series: Blocking in the Body)

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This is one of the most popular haircuts you can do in your salon. It fits a wide range of coat types and it’s great for purebreds or mixed breeds. It’s quick to do for the salon and appealing for the owner. It’s cute. It’s fluffy. Most dogs with a curly or drop coat look fabulous in this haircut.

Renowned pet stylist Kathy Rose walks you through the process. She starts with a basic evaluation of the dog. She shows you what to look for and how to assess any dog that comes into your grooming salon. She also guides you through some basic anatomy points. Working correctly with these areas will allow you to accent the balance and style of any pet.

Guard combs are a fabulous way to reduce your trimming time. Learn how guard combs determine the correct lengths on different parts of the dog. You’ll also learn when to put the clipper down and pick up the correct shears to finish out the trim. As Kathy grooms the dog, you’ll learn how to set in angles to accentuate its structure and the best way to remove marks in the coat.

This little guy is a young dog. He’s super sweet to work on but he still needs some table training. Kathy gives you tips and tricks throughout the entire lesson on how to get the job done with patience – winning the trust and respect of the dog.

Join Kathy as she guilds you through this popular haircut step-by-step. It’s loaded with lots of details to help you learn trim quality without sacrificing pet safety. This is a great lesson for a beginner or intermediate groomer looking to enhance style and speed.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • why the feet are trimmed first.
  • how long it takes to complete the trim.
  • how often this groom should be done.
  • how to set in parallel lines.
  • which shampoos and conditioners are recommended.

Kathy Rose

Certifications: NCMG, IPGCMG, ISCCCMS

A salon owner since 1983, Kathy Rose has garnered recognition in the pet industry both as an expert stylist and educator. As a competitive stylist, Kathy has won numerous national and international titles including best in show at almost every major US contest and gold and silver medals on Groom Team USA on four consecutive teams. She also served as the coordinator for two years.

Away from the competitive grooming ring, Kathy Rose is a sought after speaker and grooming judge. Kathy serves as Director the International Judges Association, (IJA) and is an IJA judge. She is also an accredited judge for the United Show Managers Alliance (USA) and she is accredited by the European Grooming Association (EGA) for all classes. She has offered her vast knowledge at virtually every major industry event stateside as well as in Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Australia and South Korea.
In recognition of her efforts Kathy has been a regular nomine for the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards, winning the award for outstanding contributions to the pet Industry. Her skills have been put on display on Animal Planet’s popular television series “Petsburg USA: where Kathy was featured prominently in their “Mutt Makeover” episodes.

Most recently, Kathy hosted the television event shown on the Learning Channel, entitled “Extreme Poodles”. Kathy served as the Master of Ceremonies with TLC using her expertise to guide and narrate the entire event.

Kathy’s state of the art salon, Pets of Perfection was featured on the 2005 Barkleigh Groomer to Groomer Buyers Guide and she has written numerous articles related to salon design, as well as a series of articles relating to licensure and regulation of the grooming profession for Barkleigh Publications.

Early in her career, Kathy owner/handled her toy poodles and Portuguese Water dog to point and group placements as well as serving as Vice President and Assistant show Chairman for AKC sanctioned show events, receiving the outstanding service award.


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