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Grooming a Poodle in a Show Continental Trim Including the Spray-Up & Wigglets (Part 8 of 9-Part Series: Creating the spray-up and detail finishing to get the dog in balance)

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Video DescriptionAbout Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich


20 minutes, 49 seconds


Advanced Stylist members, you’ve asked for it: “How do you trim a Poodle in a Continental Trim?” One of the top Poodle stylists shows you how.

Award-winning pet stylist Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich walks you through the principles of a Continental Show Trim using a large Miniature Poodle. This is a highly detailed lesson perfect for the grooming contest ring, conformational Poodle exhibitor, or contest grooming judge.

Pina is passionate about Poodles. Toys. Miniatures. Standards. She loves them all! Pina says, “The Continental is one of the most difficult trims to put into good balance.” If you are showing a Poodle in the conformation ring that has reached its one-year mark, the dog must go into either a Continental or an English Saddle Trim. Both styles take about three hours to set the pattern from scratch. It is not an easy project, but Pina always loves it! It does not matter whether it is for the show ring or the grooming competition ring – this is a trim she really enjoys.

Our model for thislesson is no stranger to the conformation show ring. His owner allowed him to grow out so Pina would have plenty of coat to work with. Pina walks you through all the intricate parts of executing a show trim. Because this is such an advanced lesson, we have broken it into several sections. Watch the entire thing or just a couple segments.

Pina shows you how to get the right look. Most judges only have a few minutes to look at a dog. And they have even less time with their hands actually on the animal. As a stylist, you can influence a lot of what the judge sees – and remembers – when trimming your dog.

This entire lesson is filmed before a live audience. One of the best parts of the lesson is the question and answer session with the audience. They asked plenty of great questions, bringing even more clarity to this highly detailed video lesson.

Special thanks goes out to professional pet stylist, Megan VandenBerg, for providing Pina with such a beautiful dog with an abundance of well-cared for coat!

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • how to set the pattern lines.
  • two different ways to set in the cuffs.
  • how to set the rosettes over the hips.
  • how to insert wigglets.
  • how to do a Poodle spray-up.

Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich

Certifications: NCMG

Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich immigrated from The Ukraine in 1989. She realized her passion as a Pet Stylist while working part-time as a bather. In the earlier part of her career Irina worked as a Pet Stylist at some of the most high-end grooming salons in New York.

Looking to improve her skills & expand her horizons, Irina entered the world of Competitive Grooming in 2006. In her competitive career Irina has won multiple BIS & Best All Around Groomer awards. She is a two-time recipient of the Lynne Carver Award for the most Best All Around Groomer wins in 2008 & 2010. Irina was also honored to win the Liz Paul Memorial Award for the most Best in Show wins in 2010. She is the winner of the Winner’s Circle Jackpot 2011 where she won $32,500 for grooming Lucas, her champion American Cocker Spaniel. In 2013 she was the winner of another Jackpot & in 2017 she won The World Dog Show’s World Champion Award.

Irina was a member of GroomTeam USA from 2008 through 2013. She competed in the World Championships for the United States in 2009, 2011, & 2013 helping the U.S. team bring home a Silver & two Golds.

Currently, Irina is a national & international judge & lecturer as well as an ambassador for Artero. Irina was awarded the Cardinal Crystal Award for Judge of the Year 2014 & the Barkleigh Honors Award for Up & Coming Speaker of the Year 2014. She has also been nominated for multiple Cardinal Crystal & Barkleigh awards in 2015.

Irina is a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) with the National Dog Groomers of America. She is also a Certifier for their company.

Dedicated to improving the industry, Irina teaches at Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She travels the world educating through conferences and seminars. She is also an integral part of Artero’s Jornadas events in Spain and the USA.
Irina is associated with Kiyara Poodles, owned by Michael Lamb and Bill Jividen Jr.. Kiyara is a top breeder of miniature poodles in the United States. She is also associated with Kerryfield Kennels, owned by Virginia Harding & Krizma Kennels owned by Lois Grier, top breeders of Kerry Blue Terriers. With these kennels, Irina has bred and co-owned numerous champion Poodles and Kerry Blue Terriers.

Irina is co-owner of a high-end styling salon in Oakland Park, Florida: Päsh the Canine Boudoir. It is here where she is most often found grooming the amazing show dogs that are her passion.

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