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Grooming a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in a Non-Traditional Trim

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This is a great alternative trim for many pets. Do you have clients with Wheatens that love to play outside? Go to the beach? Romp with the kids? Yes? Then this could be the trim for you. Cheryl Purcell shows you how to quickly set in a low maintenance pet trim. She uses guard combs and thinning shears to style most of the hair cut. A few snips of the shears, and she has a Soft Coated Wheaten that looks like a puppy again! This video lesson is full of great short cuts and safety tips that can be applied to many dogs. If you are looking to take your everyday pet grooming up a few notches, this video is for you!

Cheryl Purcell

Certifications: NCMG

Cheryl Purcell NCMG began her grooming career in 1991. A Nationally Certified Master Groomer, Cheryl is known nationally and internationally as one of the industry's top pet stylists. She has been successfully competing and winning at grooming competitions since 1993. Major wins include Multiple "Best-In-Show" wins and multiple "Best-All-Around" wins. She ranked as a GroomTeam USA Top 10 Stylist from 2002 to 2007 (a group composed of the top 10 groomers in this country).
Cheryl also served on the Board of NEPGP (New England Pet Grooming Professionals) for several years, was the 2005 Groom Team Liaison and is the current GroomTeam Coordinator.

For more information about lessons with Cheryl, please contact her at or  781-792-0484.


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