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Part 2 of 3: Grooming a Miniature Poodle Show Puppy: Setting in the Front Leg, Shoulder, and Tuck up Area

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Video DescriptionAbout Suesan Watson


18 minutes, 6 seconds


Advanced Stylist

You know a pet stylist has grandchildren when she compares the shape of a Poodle puppy to ‘SpongeBob SquarePants.’ She was referring to the shape of the rear portion of the dog. SpongeBob? That’s a new one…

The point Suesan Watson was trying to make is many times it’s easier to create a square and then round off the edges later. That’s how you start to give the dog some style.

In previous lessons, Sue has shown you how to bathe a pup with an abundant amount of coat, and how to groom the face, feet, and tail with a very close blade. In this lesson, she hand scissors the entire dog.

This lesson is full of little tricks to make grooming fast and easy. Sue gives you some great visuals to help establish the outline of the dog while enhancing the correct breed profile. She also shows you her preferred order of grooming. This is her personal system that allows her to groom any dog with ease.

We have broken this lesson into three chapters for you. By breaking it into these individual sessions, you will be able to focus quickly on the sections that most interest you. Or – sit down, relax, and enjoy the entire video lesson.

In this video you will learn:

  • how to set the shelf on the rear leg.
  • the proper shape for a Poodle puppy tail.
  • how to set the front leg under the dog correctly.
  • how to work with a limp coat when scissoring.
  • which comb to use when doing a spray up.

Suesan Watson

Certifications: CMG

Suesan is a third generation pet stylist whose dynamic career stretches over 40 years. A “Certified Master Groomer”, she owns a successful mobile grooming business, serving the Chicago/Northwest Suburban area. Sue is proud to be part of Wahl’s “Extreme Team” and is approved by the “United Show Managers’ Alliance” as a “Sanctioned Judge”.

She began grooming competitively in 1995, and has received many class and group placings. Sue is a winner of the “Wahl 2003 Groomer of the Year” award, and only recipient of three consecutive “Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards for American Groomer of the Year”. In addition, Suesan has been nominated multiple times for “Cardinal Grooming Contest Judge of the Year”, and Cardinal “Congeniality” awards.

Making “Groom Team USA” in 2000, Suesan was in the top five positions for five years in a row, before retiring from competing to become a judge in 2005. Her 2004 placings garnered her the honor of competing with the “Groom Team USA Travel Team” in France, in 2005; with the USA team placing second, only one point behind France. Sue also won “Best Clipping” recognition with her Mini-Poodle in the “individual open class”, at the same competition.

Her keen eye for dogs, understanding of the “standards” and knowledge of grooming techniques, coupled with her pleasant demeanor, has made Sue a sought after competition judge and speaker, both in the United States and abroad. And with a natural ability to communicate grooming techniques to others in an understanding and often-humorous way, she regularly draws crowds at her seminars and grooming demonstrations around the country. Sue also does private hands-on seminars with individuals and smaller shop groups.


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