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Pet Schnauzer in a Very Natural Looking Trim (Part 1 of 4-part Series)

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Most pet stylists are quick to grab a short blade to set the pattern on a pet Miniature Schnauzer. Have you ever tried a longer blade? It can look marvelous!

In this lesson, Kendra Otto shows you how to correctly trim a pet Schnauzer in a more natural looking style. The trim Kendra puts on this pet mimics the look of hand stripping. Hand stripping is the ‘correct’ way to trim a Schnauzer for the AKC conformation ring, yet is rarely done in the pet world. Kendra scissors the legs using curved shears and big ‘chunker’ blenders or thinning shears.

Throughout the video, she talks about breed standard trimming guidelines. This pet is a nervous dog. Kendra shares great handling tips that helps make the grooming process more comfortable for a tense dog.

Kendra shows you how to set the pattern using multiple blades to achieve a ‘hand stripped look’. Next, she demonstrates how to scissor the legs to get nice parallel lines. She goes on to accentuate the underline of the dog using shears and blenders. Kendra polishes the look trim with blenders and thinning shears for a balanced, natural look.

In this video you will learn:

• Blade options for a more natural look.

• How to clip in the pattern to accentuate breed profile.

• Where to blend the bodywork into the underline.

• Reference points to use when setting the pattern.

• How to clip ears safely.

Kendra Otto

Kendra Otto graduated from The Great Lakes Academy of Professional Pet Styling in 1997. She was ranked in the Top 10 on GroomTeam USA stylists for four years in a row from 2007 to 2010. Additionally, she was ranked at the #1 stylist in the state of Illinois during that same time period.

To date, Kendra has won multiple Best in Show/Best All Around Groomer awards; multiple creative styling awards, Artistic Innovation award; The Liz Paul Scissoring Award; The Will Stone Award for Kindness to Animals; and several Rescue Rodeos... She was invited to participate in the jackpot contest at Superzoo in Las Vegas in 2009. There she placed 6th out of 50 competitors with a Scottish Terrier. She was honored to be the first recipient of the Groomy Spirit Award, and a nominee for 2009 Cardinal Crystal American Groomer of the Year. She was the first competitor to bring the Rustic Coated Hungarian Pumi into the grooming contest arena where she won 1st place! Kendra was also the creator of the feline ‘Barbary Lion Cut’ in honor of the nearly extinct Barbary Lion.

In 2013 Kendra opened her own salon called The UpScale Tail Pet Salon. Ltd. in Naperville, IL. The Upscale Pet is recognized as one of the premier Pet Grooming salons in Naperville. They have won several awards including, “Best of Naperville” Pet Age Silver Award. The salon’s focus is to promote great pet health and wellbeing, create a trusting relationship with pets and their owners while providing excellent safety and quality services.

Kendra is a published author in industry related magazines. She has also been featured in several pet grooming training videos via Andis home grooming tools; YouTube videos; Plus, she has been a host for GroomerTV. She’s a certified judge with; International Judges Association and a United Show Managers Alliance.

She holds certifications with The International Professional Groomers Association; National Dog Groomers Association of America; Pet Tech Pet 1st Aid & CPR; AKC Salon Safety Certification; Canine Esthetician along with others.

Kendra was the board Secretary for GroomTeam USA from 2011-2013 and a board member from 2012-2014. She is an international representative for the Andis Company and was a representative in 2009 for Chris Christensen Systems.

Although no longer grooming full time, Kendra specialized in grooming challenging and fearful dogs. She enjoys the challenge of gaining their trust while seeing the transformation. This part of her career she finds more rewarding than any award she’s ever received. She instills this trait in her business as well. She will not hire anyone who is not willing to do the same. Today, she supports her team, encouraging continued education, training and even has several award-winning competitor stylists employed.

Kendra has taught seminars and judged in Sydney, Australia. She continues to groom a few dogs a year coming from the show circuit.


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