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Safe and Gentle Dematting Techniques on a Miniature Schnauzer (Part 1 of 3)

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Core Skills

Removing matts and tangles from a coat. Do you enjoy getting the tangles out? Or do you hate it? Does it take you forever? Or are you speedy? How do the dogs react to the process for you? Are they good for you? Or do they fidget? Struggle? Or even bite?

If you shy away from dematting – this is the lesson for you.

Jennifer Hecker is an award-winning Certified Master Groomer. She also shows multiple breeds in the AKC conformation world.

However, all week long she grooms everyday pets in a salon. Jennifer grooms the same type of pets you see every day. Jennifer has been working at the same salon since 2008 and has a faithful following of regular clients.

But they still get matted. They get tangled. And many are less than thrilled with having the tangles brushed out. (spoiler alert – this dog is not ‘perfect’ for the process…)

This little guy had not been groomed in a long time. His legs were a MESS. Instead of Jennifer brushing him out OFF camera to do a Schnauzer grooming lesson – we opted to show YOU how she brushes out matts. Pain free. Injury free. If she were not talking through the process, it would go quickly too.

If you cringe at the thought of having to demat your next dog – don’t. Watch as Jennifer shares her dematting tips and tricks. Even though the dog is a bit fussy on the front legs, she got the dog brushed out safely. Gently. And without any major incidents.

In this video you will learn:

  • What makes dematting easier
  • Which products she likes for to assist the process
  • How to match the right brush to the job
  • How to tell if a mat is still in the coat
  • Ways to protect the pet from injury during brushing

Approximate total running time: 43 minutes

  • Part 1: Tools and Products (10:58)
  • Part 2: Effective Dematting Techniques for the Front Legs plus Talking to Clients (18:13)
  • Part 3: Effective Dematting Techniques for the Rear Legs, Feet and Head (14:32)

Jennifer Hecker

Certifications: CMG

Jennifer Heckler has over 14 years of experience in the pet grooming field.  She is a Certified Master Groomer, an award-winning contest stylist, a lead trainer and active pet stylist, and a high-level competitor in French Ring Sport.  Ms. Heckler is active in the AKC conformation show ring and has the USA #1 Dandi Dinmont Terrier in 2010. Her specialties include hand stripping, breed profile trimming, speed, efficiency, and mobile grooming.


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