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Starting Over on a Dog Who’s Never Been Professionally Groomed: Part 3

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Advanced Stylist

We all have them. Every grooming business does. It does not matter if the dog on the table is big or small. Purebred or mixed breed. Dogs in this condition present a complete set of grooming problems for groomers everywhere.

Matted or pelted. They are tough to groom. Their owner’s may have had the best intentions, but they did not realize the importance of regular, professional grooming. Not only is removing the coat difficult, working with a dog who has not had early table training as a puppy creates a whole other level of challenges.

In this lesson, veteran pet stylist, Lorri Keller, steps up the table to give this dog a total coat reset. This dog needs to be super short. Her only option is to start over with its coat. There is no saving any of the length.

She struggles. The dog struggles. Luckily, the dog is not aggressive.

However, he lacks the confidence to stand quietly on the grooming table. Everything is new and different to him. He simply does not know how to behave on the grooming table.

This fact puts him at risk of injury in multiple ways. Add to the fact he is a big boy – the threat levels increase – and so does the physical work. Lorri has a huge job on her hands to keep this guy safe while winning his trust in a kind and patient way.

In this video, Lorri’s wealth of experience is golden.

Peppered throughout the entire lesson, Lorri discusses how to communicate and educate the owner in a professional manner. She gives you ideas and tricks to keep the pet safe. How to remove the coat so the dog is comfortable. How to win his respect and trust. She address all these issues on the fly as she is working.

In the end, both dog and groomer have had a workout. But both are happy, comfortable, and safe. The pet owner has been educated as to this dog’s future grooming needs. It is a win-win-win all the way around.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to remove tight, matted coat safely
  • How to talk with a pet owner about the condition of their dog when to needs a total reset
  • How to work on the head safely
  • Effective communication tips for the pet owner
  • What are the ultimate end goals for this type of work

Approximate total running time: 49 minutes

  • Part 1: Removing the bulk of the Matted Coat (15:57)
  • Part 2: Removing Matted Coat from the Head Safely (21:38)
  • Part 3: Dealing with the Tail & Final Finish Plus What is the Ultimate Goal (12:03)

Lorri Keller

Certifications: CMG

Lorri Keller started her career as a successful graduate of the Paragon School in 1992. She has a wealth of experience under her belt as a home groomer, grooming for a major corporation where she went on to become a salon manager and later a regional manager where she was responsible for the growth of over a dozen grooming departments in the midwest. Lorri went on to become a lead trainer and personnel director for the Paragon School. She is an IPG Certified Master Groomer and an awarding winning contest stylist. Her specialties are; terrier and sporting dogs styling, breed profile trimming, speed, efficiency, safety, and operational management.


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