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Talking to Pet Owners About Handstripping

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Video DescriptionAbout Amy Triezenberg


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How many times has an owner called and requested handstripping for their dog? Did you get the feeling that the owner only asked because the breeder “told them that’s what their pet needed?”  Even though the pet owner doesn’t really know what handstripping is, he thinks this process is his only option… but is it?

In this lesson, award-winning pet stylist, Amy Triezenberg tackles this dilemma. She has a simple – yet effective – series of talking points when educating owners about handstripping. She even demonstrates a fabulous visual aid. This aid really helps owners understand the process in terms that are easy to understand.

Once Amy has met the dog and spoken with the owners, she can start discussing options for their pet. She reminds us that not every dog is a candidate for handstripping. Sometimes the owner’s pocketbook is not ready to handle the cost of handstripping, either.  What options does the owner have? Amy will spell it out for you.

The key is to get everybody is on the same page. Amy does a great job of breaking this process down and making it easy for everyone.

In this video you will learn:

  • what factors come into play when contemplating handstripping a coat.
  • how can you tell if the coat has been clipped or scissored.
  • what grooming terminology the owner doesn’t need to understand.
  • why owners cannot “pick” a length for their handstripped pet.
  • available options aside from a full handstrip.

Amy Triezenberg

Ever since Amy Triezenberg can remember, she has always love animals and wanted to work with them. She grew up in South Holland IL, and was home schooled her whole life. Amy attended Great Lakes Academy of Dog Grooming when she was 17.

She competed in her first grooming contest while still in grooming school and won 3rd place. After competing in regular classes for a while, Amy started competing in creative styling.
She went on to win multiple awards in creative including, the People’s Choice Award, and the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine 2007, with her three- legged poodle ‘Falore’ with her Fallen Solider design.

After success in the creative styling arena, she resumed her focused on regular grooming classes. With hard work, she earned her slot as a Top 10 GroomTeam Member in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016. Amy has also won, The Liz Paul Best Scissored Poodle Award, multiple Best All Around Groomer Awards, and Best in Show at the 2012 Atlanta Per Fair with her signature ‘Poodlington’ trim.

Amy was the manager of an exclusive, high volume salon, which she loved. However, she made the difficult decision to leave that role with the birth of her first child. She chose a grooming job closer to her home. Three children later, she and her husband decided to open a home-based grooming salon. The flexible hours allow her to spend quality time with her family and dogs.

Amy has written articles for Groomer to Grooming magazine and enjoys sharing what she has learned with private coaching and seminars.

Amy has shown her Kerry Blue Terrier in AKC conformation shows and working on her IPG Certification. She has always appreciated all the people that have helped her along the way. She looks forward to helping others the way that others have helped her.

Currently, she pursues her passion; the education side of grooming. “I love pouring my heart into helping others learn.”

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