Become Your Own Magical Fairy

August 29th, 2013 by ificore



One my favorite quotes is by Brian Tracy. He states, “The best way to predict your future is for you to create it.”


During my long career, I certainly have had my shares of ups and downs — regardless of what the economy was doing. Personally, I find that when I make mistakes or get pushed into a corner, that’s when I really push up my sleeves and analyze what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter whether it was mastering a particular grooming technique or working on a new business opportunity. No matter what the situation was, I always took full responsibility for my actions. It’s clear.  I was the only one that could change the outcome — predicting the future.


I wish there was a magic fairy that could come in and wave her magic wand over my head — but alas she never shows up. Whenever I face one of those personal speed bumps in my journey, I always assess my strengths and weaknesses. I isolate the tasks, seeking out the knowledge to improve upon my weaknesses. Is it easy? Normally not, but when you work hard at something you can look back and take full credit for the success.


Sometimes the weaknesses are small, like trying to improve upon smoothing out your clipper or scissor work.  Maybe it’s trying to figure out how to shave off five minutes of time from your personal best on the last haircut of a similar style. Or maybe your clientele has dropped off a bit due to the current economy. What services or marketing efforts can you improve upon to help bring your revenues back to where you would like them?


Keep your eyes open and learn from those that have gone before you, mastering the tasks that you’re trying to improve. More than likely somebody has been sitting in a very similar situation — seek them out and learn from them. It may come in the form of a magazine article, a chat group, a mentor, a book, or any number of ways – there are thousands.  Always remember, “The best way to predict your future is for you to create it.” Seek out the knowledge you need and become your our personal magical fairy!