Diane Chalmers Russell’s Story

December 17th, 2019 by Iman Admin

Check out this great story from Diane Chalmers Russell, a Learn2GroomDogs.com Member! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and we’re happy to have been part of the picture.

What a crazy day and exciting two weeks. A couple of weeks ago I reached out to a local salon owner to inquire about getting started in grooming. I had researched my options of going to a chain store, full-time grooming school, online classes or finding a mentor. She agreed to mentor me and hired me as a bather. I have been watching the Learn2GroomDogs.com videos as my training and applying it at this shop. So far so good. I have been armed with enough knowledge to perform my bathing, drying, brushing and nail trimming tasks without much assistance.

Well, today I arrived for my scheduled plan of 7 dogs to bathe & brush. I was greeted by a panicked receptionist advising me that both groomers called in sick for the day. The only groomer was the owner who was on light duty due to an injury. So, armed with my Learn2GroomDogs.com knowledge and a good mentor, I was able to put clippers to my first dog! Sadly, a very matted Golden Doodle. But, together we got him done.

It’s been a long day. I am ready for a Calgon moment myself. But, excited that I was able and capable to get the work done. I bathed all my bath & brush dogs, bathed all of the clip & trim dogs, and got to shave down the Doodle. Phew…

Thanks Melissa for the good instructions.