New Release: How To Do An Easy Personality Trim on a Poodle Mix with Lindsey Dicken

October 2nd, 2019 by Iman Admin

Learn2GroomDogs is excited to share the latest addition to our awesome collection of dog grooming instructional videos! In this new two-episode lesson, award-winning pet stylist Lindsey Dicken will show you how to create an adorable trim on a Poodle Mix using Wahl attach-on combs.

Dog Grooming Tricks You Will Learn in This Video Series

Following her own philosophy of “working smarter and not harder,” Lindsey deftly explains and demonstrates how to save time using Wahl guard combs to block in the trim. The trim is as practical for the owners as it is for the groomer – designed to be both attractive and easy to maintain between appointments.

Lindsey combines style elements from two other breeds to create this unique and hassle-free haircut. Members of Learn2GroomDogs can follow along with Lindsey as she shows how to get the look, step-by-step. This starts with demonstrating how to block-in the trim quickly, then detail the haircut with some of her favorite shears. In the end you get a very plush look without a lot of effort. Perfect for the busy pet stylist! If you’re a Lindsey Dicken fan, she won’t disappoint you with this lesson.

Start Learning with Lindsey

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