New Release: Mobile or Salon – What is Right For You?

April 2nd, 2020 by Ima Admin
In this two-part video series, NCMG veterans Lisa Leady & Suesan Watson team up to offer a deep dive into the pros and cons of mobile grooming vs. salon grooming. Both Lisa and Suesan have worked in salons, been salon owners, and have owned mobile grooming vans. Both are award-winning pet stylists who have represented the USA in international grooming competitions. They bring a wealth of first-hand experience to this lesson’s topic!

In “Mobile Vs. Salon” you will learn:

  • What you need to be a successful mobile groomer
  • A few of the pitfalls of mobile grooming
  • What they like best about mobile grooming
  • Basic legal responsibilities of mobile operations vs salon-based grooming
  • Why it’s important to do your homework before choosing either one.

Join Lisa and Suesan as they share their experiences working in all types of grooming operations. They share with you the good. The bad. Plus, lots of personal thoughts in between.

Start Learning with Lisa and Suesan

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