New Spotlight Sessions: Bathing Timing, Doodle Legs, and Vet Tech Training

January 18th, 2023 by Iman Admin

When To Trim Nails In Grooming Process

Colin Taylor and Melissa Verplank discuss the best time to trim a dog’s nails: before or after their pre-groom bath. Colin breaks down how he decides based partly on how frequently a dog comes to the salon.

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: The Top 5 Struggles of Professional Pet Stylists

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Styling The Rear Feet & Legs of a Thick Coated Doodle

Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich shows off how she gets these stellar results when styling a doodle’s hind legs.

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Techniques to Make Thick Coated Doodle Grooming Easier & Satisfying

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Does a Vet Tech Degree Help You In The Grooming World?

Judy Hudson discusses how she has found value from her previous training as a veterinary technician during her grooming career.

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