New Spotlight Sessions: Dematting & De-Shedding

June 11th, 2020 by karaadams

De-Shedding a Golden in the Tub

In this Spotlight Session, Judy Hudson teaches an efficient way to de-shed a Golden Retriever.  This method works great to minimize mess with blowing hair – an important consideration for small shops and mobile groomers.  De-shedding in the tub contains the mess and gets the job done fast. Running Time: 03:33

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Hydro-Bathing and De-Shedding a Golden Retriever in the Tub

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Easy Dematting Tips - Use a Dryer & Brush on a Clean Coat

In this Spotlight Session, Karen Tucker demonstrates effective and efficient dematting techniques that combine brushing and a dryer for incredible results. Running Time: 10:12

This Spotlight Session is from a series of videos: Easy Dematting Tips – Using Fingers to Break Tangles Apart & The Importance of Having a Sequence When Dematting


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How Working with a High Velocity Dryer in the Bathing Process Saves Time

In this spotlight session, Melissa Verplank shares tricks on how to get this type of dog clean. She shows you the benefits of using a high velocity dryer during the bathing process to cut time and water usage. Running Time: 09:09

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Salvage Work on a Heavy Coated Dog

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