New Spotlight Sessions: Stylized Heads!

December 17th, 2020 by karaadams

Styling the Doodle Head with Guard Combs, Shears and Blenders

In this spotlight session, Misty Fowler demonstrates how to style the Doodle head. Run Time 9:29

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Easy Trim to Maintain on a Doodle

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Creating An Asian Expression on a Thick Coated Doodle

In this spotlight session, Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich, demonstrates how to create an Asian expression on a thick coated Doodle. Run time: 7:33

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Techniques to Make Thick Coated Doodle Grooming Easier & Satisfying

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Cute Round Head on a Drop Coated Breed

In this spotlight session, Amy Triezenberg, demonstrates how to create a cute round head on a drop coated dog. Run time: 7:43

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: How to Give an Attractive Haircut to a Matted Pet Without Losing Time

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