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2 for 1 Lesson! Grooming a Natural Backed Pet Springer Spaniel Combined with Gentle & Effective Handling Skills

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41 minutes



Award winning pet stylist, Lisa Leady, takes up the challenge. The task? Grooming a year-and-a half old Springer Spaniel that has never been professionally groomed. On camera. We had no clue how this dog was going to react.

Winston did not disappoint us. You get to see two lessons rolled into one! Grooming and handling. By the first 10 minutes of the video, this young dogs starts to show his disenchantment with the grooming process. Lisa Leady never loses her cool. She calmly explains what the dog is doing as he is doing it. She gives reasons why he does some of the actions he is doing. As he accelerates in his dissatisfaction in the grooming process, she shows you ways to gently, but very effectively, stop the behavior.

Even though this dog is acting up, you can clearly see him come around to being a good boy on the grooming table with very calm actions and praise from Lisa. It didn’t take that long but she never gave up on this dog, nor did she ever raise her voice. She is able to do the completegroom, and explain it to you.

In this video you will learn:

• why opting to keep it natural is the best option for this coat type.

• how to work effectively with the Groomers Helper.

• how to NOT turn this dog into another groomers problem.

• how to define colored areas to accentuate structure.

• what parts of the dog do you use clippers.

Lisa Leady

Certifications: NCMG, CMG

Lisa Leady is a third generation groomer, with over 25 years experience. She is also a clinician, speaker, Certified Master Groomer, and Certifier for IPG.

She has many Best All Around and Best in Show placements.

Lisa is a multiple Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award nominee and was the recipient of the 2003 Congeniality Award.

In 2002 Lisa sold her shop of ten years and began a new career as a grooming school instructor.

After five years in the classroom, Lisa has made the move to mobile. She is now the proud owner of Primp My Pooch Mobile Pet Salon based in Genoa, Illinois.

Lisa is currently a GroomTeam Board Member.

She has completed the Judge’s Orientation/Training Class required by the United Showmanagers Alliance, and was approved as a Sanctioned Judge.

Business Name(s): Primp My Pooch
Business Address: 712 Tyler St.
Genoa, IL 60135
Business Phone: (815) 333-5197

Industry Affiliation:
USA Judge
Competitor (Retired)
Mobile Stylist/Owner

Vendor Associate: Wahl Extreme Team Member

GroomTeam Affiliation: She has been a GroomTeam USA member since 2000. In 2004 she qualified to travel with GroomTeam to France, where she helped bring home the silver medal, and also went to Italy in 2007.

AKC Exhibitor Breeds: Shown and bred champion Smooth Fox Terriers.


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