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Active Drying Techniques with a High-Velocity Dryer

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Core Skills

All of us were beginners – once. Every successful grooming assistant, groomer or stylist was awful – at one time. Heck, look at early photos from any top pet stylist. (If you can even wedge them out of their hands for a second!) You’ll see their work was less than perfect. For some, it was even downright terrible!

What is at the heart of every successful pet groomer or stylist? Mastering the core skills is at the center of high-quality results in any grooming setting. What are the primary core skills? Bathing. Brushing. Drying.

If these skills are not mastered to PERFECTION, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get a quality groom on any pet! Every high-level pet stylist, grooming educator, mentor, certifier, judge, or successful grooming business owner understands this. We can tell before someone even starts working on their finished groom whether it has the potential to win an award or brings a client back to your salon.

This Learn2GroomDogs lesson is about getting awesome results with active drying techniques. When you combine multiple forms of active drying with your everyday grooms, several positive results will occur. Your dogs will look better. Your grooms will last longer. You will be able to finish the groom faster. As a bonus, you will clearly see any potential issues with the skin and/or coat. And, when done correctly, all are safe and gentle on the pet.

Active drying is just that. Active. If you don’t stay focused and diligent the entire time – the results will be less than stellar – or they even could become dangerous!

In Part 1, Khris Berry will be focusing on high-velocity techniques. With multiple highly successful salons, Khris understands the importance of mastering the basics. Mastering these skills is what brings clients back over and over again. In any service business, regular repeat business is at the heart of everything.

In Part 2, award-winning stylist Britney Valle going to be working on a very full-coated poodle. She’ll show you a whole range of fluff/stretch drying techniques yielding incredible results. The beautiful finish on the coat allows her to create almost flawless grooms whether in the salon, contest area, or the show ring.

Be honest with yourself. Do your dogs come out looking like this? Do their coats look soft? Fluffy? Clean? Like a cloud? Do they bounce and float with the dog as it moves? No? Then join these two talented women as they show you how to get spectacular results using many forms of active drying methods. The end results are rewarding. Fun. And SO gratifying!

In this video you will learn:

  • How to increase your speed of drying
  • How to dry from the skin out
  • Three ways to vary the speed of a high-velocity dryer
  • Ways to work safely with the pet while drying them
  • Secrets to the perfect fluff dry

Approximate total running time: 51 minutes

  • Part 1: Active Drying Techniques with a High-Velocity Dryer: 34:27
  • Part 2: Active Fluffy Drying for a Perfect Finish: 16:10

Brittney Valle

Certifications: NCMG

Brittney Valle is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer who resides in Louisville, KY with her husband, daughter, and their dogs. Her grooming industry accolades include multiple first place contest wins, Best Groomed Dog in Division and Best All-Around in Division wins, The Peggy Harris Kindness Award, and being nominated for a Barkleigh Honors Award for Best Up & Coming Groomer of the Year.

She is an integral part of the administrative team at See Spot Grooming and helps leads teams of groomers to achieve greatness for themselves, their clients, and their pets every day, and has helped mold and shape the culture of the company into what it is today.

Brittney was a former contributing author to the “Styled Up” monthly column for Groomer to Groomer magazine, and continues to promote grooming education on multiple platforms.

Outside of her work in the grooming industry, she breeds and shows miniature poodles in the AKC ring under the kennel name Camarada and has achieved great success with dogs she has bred, including Best of Opposite Sex at the National Dog Show in Orlando, FL, and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 2 at the same show. She and her dog “FroYo” were also the #2 Owner Handled Mini in the country for 2021, as well as FroYo being ranked in the Top 10 in Canine Chronicle stats all year in decreased showing. Brittney is dedicated to promoting professionalism, continuing education, and innovation in the grooming industry.

Khris Berry

Company: Co-Founder, See Spot Grooming & Daycare

Khris Berry has been working in the pet service field since 1987. She is actively involved with all aspects of pet grooming, and is also an accomplished canine behavioralist and trainer.

Khris runs multiple pet service businesses, including franchising the successful See Spot Grooming operation. She is an active advocate in trade associations focused on improving the professionalism of the grooming industry.

Khris worked with the American Kennel Club (AKC) to develop their Safe Handling course for groomers. She continues to teach the course periodically across the country. She is an tireless advocate for groomer standards and pet safety.

Khris also served as the Director of Grooming for the World Pet Association, a not-for-profit organization located in California. She worked tirelessly within this company to develop and promote programs for groomer education and advancement across the globe.

Khris believes strongly in continuing education. Her keen focus with processes has led to extensive curriculum and business development. She is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of professional pet grooming and training.

Khris has been awarded the Pet Age Vanguard Award, Women of Influence, and multiple nominations for prestigious Barkleigh Honors Awards - Contribution to the Industry, Speaker of the Year, Journalist of the Year, and Book of the Year.

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