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Brussels Griffon Inspired Trim on a Mixed Breed – Part 2

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Advanced Stylist

When this dog walked in, he was unkempt, messy, and lacked any type of style. Sound familiar? What do you do when you have a little ragamuffin pup walk through your shop doors? HAVE FUN! There are no rules when it comes to grooming a little mixed breed.

Award-winning stylist, Elizabeth Gibbs is seeing this dog for the first time. None of us were sure what breeds he was a mix of. There were hints of plenty of different ones. Our best guess was he was some type of terrier mix.

He’s got the cute little face, the cute little ears with this fun little tail. Elizabeth thought some sort of terrier-type look would suit this little guy. Or maybe a Brussels Griffon-inspired look for him? He gave her a Brussels Griffon vibe as soon as she saw him. She just started taking some length off to see how it looked – and went from there.

What she loves about doing these kinds of haircuts is – they’re just so cute. It’s a little mutt. As Elizabeth says, with mixed breeds, you can go in different directions to see what looks cutest on a dog, then just go from there. Join Elizabeth to see this groom go from scruffy to fabulous in no time! And the simple pop of color in the tail was a fun, quick addition too.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to set the line at the ribcage without leaving too much coat
  • Great visual to find the longest section of the rear leg furnishings
  • Why it is important to work with the front legs in their natural position first when scissoring
  • How to introduce clippers to the eye area safely on a fussy dog
  • How to get the expression of a dog when double-checking your work

Approximate total running time: 46 minutes

  • Part 1: Clipping in the Body Pattern & Styling the Legs (24:32)
  • Part 2:  Styling the Head, Getting Expression and Adding a Pop of Color (21:24)

Elizabeth Gibbs

Elizabeth is a Certified Master Groomer and top-ranking competitive stylist. Plus, she has been teaching, educating, and helping new groomers for years. She is enthusiastic about helping others improve their grooming skills.

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