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Cutting in a Show Continental Trim on a 13 Month Old Poodle Puppy – Part 1

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This video is a treat. It is a little different than our typical ‘shop grooming’ lessons. With this demonstration, you get to watch an experienced stylist cut in a show Continental haircut on a young dog. This Poodle has been being showed in the puppy classes at American Kennel Club conformation dog shows. However, she just turned 13 months old. It’s time for her to move into her “big girl haircut.”

In the AKC show ring, Poodles are unique. They are the only breed once they turn a year old, who must have a completely different look than they did previously. Up to 12 months old, Poodles are shown in the “Puppy” clip, a stylish trim with coat covering the bulk of the body. As mentioned before, once they turn a year old they need to transition into one of the “approved” trims for Poodles while being shown for points. Only the Continental or English Saddle clip are eligible, and both trims are elaborate, fancy, and complex.

Brittney is an award-winning Certified Master Groomer. She has been competitive in the conformation ring for most of her life as well. Brittney’s mastery of grooming and love of teaching shines through as she confidently trims in this pattern for the first time on this lovely dog.

Even if you do not aspire to exhibit show Poodles, there are still many lessons to learn from this video. You can apply many of her insightful tips and tricks to everyday salon grooming, creative haircuts, or Asian styling. If you are seriously looking to expand your grooming skillset, this a wonderful lesson! Join Brittney Valle as she cuts in this trim for the first time on her own young Miniature Poodle, Rainbow.

In This Video You Will Learn:

  • How to get smooth clipper work on close work
  • How to get all four bracelets the same height
  • What shape to create prior to rounding everything
  • On a Continental trim, how do you set the most difficult line so it is correct
  • Where is the correct placement for rosettes so they are placed correctly for the dog

Approximate total running time: 1 hour 13 minutes

  • Part 1: Establishing the Lines and Bracelets on the Legs (16:23
  • Part 2: Placing the Rosettes (32:49)
  • Part 3: Shaping the Jacket, Bracelets and Tail for Overall Balance (28:22)

Brittney Valle

Certifications: NCMG

Brittney Valle is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer who resides in Louisville, KY with her husband, daughter, and their dogs. Her grooming industry accolades include multiple first place contest wins, Best Groomed Dog in Division and Best All-Around in Division wins, The Peggy Harris Kindness Award, and being nominated for a Barkleigh Honors Award for Best Up & Coming Groomer of the Year.

She is an integral part of the administrative team at See Spot Grooming and helps leads teams of groomers to achieve greatness for themselves, their clients, and their pets every day, and has helped mold and shape the culture of the company into what it is today.

Brittney was a former contributing author to the “Styled Up” monthly column for Groomer to Groomer magazine, and continues to promote grooming education on multiple platforms.

Outside of her work in the grooming industry, she breeds and shows miniature poodles in the AKC ring under the kennel name Camarada and has achieved great success with dogs she has bred, including Best of Opposite Sex at the National Dog Show in Orlando, FL, and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 2 at the same show. She and her dog “FroYo” were also the #2 Owner Handled Mini in the country for 2021, as well as FroYo being ranked in the Top 10 in Canine Chronicle stats all year in decreased showing. Brittney is dedicated to promoting professionalism, continuing education, and innovation in the grooming industry.


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