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Groomers Helper

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As groomers, we are always looking for ways to make our job easier. The Groomers Helper® does just that. It stops problems before they even start. This non-aggressive, restraint system stops the unnecessary struggling. Less struggling means we can focus on quality grooming. Cooperation from the pet is a huge stress reliever too! The Groomers Helper® does an amazing job of keeping both the groomer and the pet safe. In this session, the President of Groomers Helper®, Chuck Simons, demonstrates how the product works. He’ll personally show you how you can groom smarter, not harder. The Groomers Helper® Pet Safety and Positioning System will make your everyday grooming less stressful, safer and more efficient.

In this video you will learn:

• What percentage of your time is spent of handling vs. grooming

• Why the Groomers Helper can build your confidence

• Special features that enhance the function of the loop

• How it keeps you out of ‘bite range’

• Why it minimizes struggling with the pet

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