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Grooming a Silver Poodle Like a Kerry Blue (Part 3 of 3)

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Who says you must do a more traditional type trim on a Poodle?

Judy Hudson is a well-respected educator in our industry. She is one of our most popular Training Partners on Learn2GroomDogs. Why? She grooms dogs – just like you. And she loves it. Judy caters to a very loyal mobile grooming clientele outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

In this lesson, Judy changes up a more traditional Poodle style for Kerry Blue Terrier haircut. As Judy says, these types of trims make grooming fun. You can take one breed and turn it into another. Or you can take a mixed breed and put a purebred trim on it. In either case, you get a fun personality type trim. It gives the dog style. Plus, you get to learn and try something new.

Regardless of the type of haircut, grooming to proper structure will always bring out the best features. Judy talks about how to set the pattern while always thinking about the underlying bone structure. Throughout the entire groom, Judy is always giving you points of reference and targets to aim for.

She talks about how to use guard combs to block in the pattern. Then she shows you techniques to quickly round the feet and set the legs. The head and neck of a Kerry Blue is unique. Judy gives you plenty of tips and how to set the head, trim the eyes and set the neckline.

Even though this haircut is fancy, it is not a show dog. It is not a contest grooming dog. It’s simply an attractive pet – just like we all get in our salons every day. Judy shows you how to turn a Poodle into a Kerry Blue Terrier in no time.

The entire lesson is filled with practical tips to make your job easier. And the best part? You can apply them to many different haircuts every day!

In this video you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to thoroughly brush and comb out a dog prior to starting the haircut
  • What’s one of the best tools to use to speed up your work
  • How to utilize proper canine structure when grooming
  • Why these types of trims make grooming fun
  • How to trim the eyes without making a mistake

Approximate total running time: 55 minutes

  • Part 1: Prepping the Coat and Blocking in the Haircut based on Structure (21:43)
  • Part 2: Setting in the feet, Rear Legs and Tail (10;20)
  • Part 3: Styling the Front Assembly including the Feet, Legs, Neck, Chest and Head (23:18)

Judy Hudson

Certifications: NCMG

Judy Hudson has been a life-long animal lover. She holds an associate degree in Veterinary Technology from Morehead State University. While working in a veterinarian clinic offering grooming, she quickly realized, the groomer was making way more money than she was – and having a lot more fun! She opted to start grooming instead of following her degree.

Judy started her grooming career on a shoestring and a prayer in 1990.

When the groomer where she worked walked out – Judy didn’t miss a beat. She stepped in and started grooming. Shortly after that, she discovered a local couple who were business owners and award-winning pet stylists. She began taking lessons from them which lead her to competitions and meeting other award-winning pet stylists.

In 1994 she started her own mobile grooming unit in an 18-foot used motor home. Today, she owns and operates a very polished and successful mobile business in the Nashville TN area, staying booked a year in advance.

She decided that if she was going to be a groomer, she wanted to be one of the best!
Within a few years, she realized learning about bred profile was a game changer while dipping her toe in the AKC conformation show ring. Being a quick learner, she finished her own Miniature Poodle to his Championship in short order. Next, she focused on becoming a certified master groomer. In 1998 Judy earned her National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) status through the National Dog Groomer Association of America. Currently Judy is a speaker, educator and Certifier for that organization.

Judy is an awarding winning pet stylist. She has multiple Best in Show and Best All-Around Groomer awards to her credit. She was a part of the GroomTeam USA’s Top 10 for 3 years; 2000, 2001, and 2003. In 2004 she earned a slot be on the elite GroomTeam USA’s Travel Team, representing the USA in World Team Competition in France the following year. She proudly earned a Gold Medal with her American Cocker Spaniel, helping the USA capture the Silver Team Medal.

In 2002, she was awarded the coveted Sybil Trophy for having the most harmonious relationship with her dogs. In 2004, she was nominated for the prestigious Cardinal Crystal American Groomer of the Year Award. 2011 was Awarded the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Contest Judge of the Year.

Judy is a sought-after and very popular industry speaker, demonstrator and contest grooming judge. She has traveled all over the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and China.

Judy has teamed up with one of her long-time mentors and person friend, Christina Pawlosky to form The Grooming Professors, an online and personal training platform. They also host clinics, demonstrations, workshops and personal coaching at grooming shows and privately across the country. Plus, they offer individual training via Zoom by request. Together they have released their own shear line. In 2017 The Grooming Professors were the winners of the Barkleigh Honors Awards for Contribution of the Year and Vlog of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

Judy is a licensed Pet Tech® Instructor. She teaches small classes to pet owners and pet service professionals. She enjoys making a difference in pets’ lives by teaching the necessary emergency care and health information for dogs and cats.

When Judy is not working within the realms her grooming businesses, she is a Level V Skin Care Consultant with Rodan+Fields.

Judy and Chris can be reached at


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