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Grooming the Schnauzer Mix to Highlight the Phantom Markings

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Video DescriptionAbout Marc LaFleur


49 minutes, 47 seconds



In this session, Marc works on a Schnauzer mix. The dog has very bold phantom markings, making this pooch unique. The coat is a combination of softer fur on the body with coarser coat on the legs. He shows you how to create a simple trim using guard combs and thinning shears. This is a very basic haircut, but by using the principles of general anatomy and balance, you can add a bit of flair to the trim in a very short amount of time. This lesson is filled with practical tips on clipping, scissoring, blending and handling.

In this video you will learn:

• When to know when your clipper work is finished

• How to set the junction point between the head and the neck

• How to use a typical kennel lead as a safety harness for the dog

• Why blenders work so well on this coat type

• Tricks to check the expression to get the perfect look

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