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Handling the Difficult Cat

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How do you groom a difficult cat? Most groomers would say, “I don’t!” Are you in that group?

Many professional groomers focus on dogs. That may be because an aggressive or difficult dog is easier to understand than a cat. Felines are a whole different story – unless you are Danelle German, President and Founder of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America!

Danelle and her team have helped thousands of people master the art of professional cat grooming. Many of her students groom cats exclusively. They aren’t alone – many professional pet stylists are headed in that direction. Cats are smaller, faster, and far less complicated to groom. They also offer a much higher profit margin for your pocketbook.

What do you do when you have a feisty feline on your grooming table? How do you win their trust and cooperation? It comes from understanding the temperament of the cat and how to relate to it. The more you understand feline body language, the quicker you will win their trust.

Danelle takes you through an entire cat grooming procedure: prep work, bath, blow dry, and finish. Through the entire lesson, she focuses on handling skills with this somewhat uncooperative feline. The only reason this lesson went so smoothly is because of Danelle’s ability to handle the cat safely and effectively.

Danelle manages to keep total control over the situation through her firm, yet gentle, handling methods. As she’s working on this cat, she explains every step including WHY her techniques work – and what to expect. As Danelle says, if a cat is taught correctly how to behave from the get-go, they generally become a pretty complacent kitty to groom.

If you do not feel 100% confident working with cats on a professional level, you need to watch this lesson! Who knows, you might be the next professional pet groomer to work exclusively with cats.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • why it is important to know the cat’s temperament on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • the best surface to use when working with cats.• natural traits that can really help you regain control.
  • why it is important to set the tone for the grooming experience.
  • why speed is important to the grooming process.

Danelle German

Certifications: CFMG, CFCG

Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG, owned CFA’s Bara Cattery from 1999-2005. During that time, she produced and showed many National and Regional award-winning Persians, including CFA’s 3rd Best Cat in Premiership in 2005. In 2005, she retired from showing to focus on her feline-exclusive spa and resort, The Catty Shack, Ltd., formerly located in Simpsonville, SC.

Danelle is the founder of both the National Cat Groomers Institute and the world’s first feline-exclusive grooming school which was in Greenville, SC. She currently serves as President and Certifier/Instructor for the NCGI and is a member of Wahl’s Elite GroomTeam. Along with her husband, Michael, she is the inventor and patent holder of the Catty Shack Vac™ drying system and the inventor of Chubbs Bars shampoo for pets.

Danelle has authored the Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia, Cat Grooming Ain’t for Pussies, NCGIA Culture Books, and many articles for a variety of grooming publications. She is also the author of certification study guides for cat groomers. Danelle has appeared on Animal Planet’s Cats 101 and Must Love Cats and has been interviewed and filmed numerous times for Discovery Channel, local TV stations, Kittens USA and other media. She is the winner of the first Groomers Got Talent competition held at Groom Expo in 2009 and has won each creative dog grooming competition that she has been allowed to compete in with a cat.

Speaking regularly on all topics related to cat grooming and behavior, Danelle is a true pioneer in the field of feline grooming. Her lectures and training materials can be found around the world. In addition to speaking, Danelle has judged cat grooming competitions at various shows in both the US and Europe and has served as a judge for the Cat Writer’s Association.

Danelle German
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