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How to Line Brush an Old English Sheepdog

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Jeri Hoppe has gained respect for beautifully presenting Old English Sheepdogs in both the conformation ring and the grooming area. In this lesson, she shares her secrets for maintaining the OES’s coat. She walks you through the art of line-brushing this type of coat. Her methods minimize coat damage. She’ll share the tools, products, and methods she has used for years to keep her dogs in peak condition. One of her favorite phrases is. ‘You have to brush your dog where the sun doesn’t shine.’ In this lesson, she’ll show you how that is done.

In this video you will learn:

• What are major no-no’s when working on a show type coat.

• What sound does the brush make when the dog is completely brushed out.

• When you should start working with a young dog.

• Why having the dog lay down is so effective.

• How long it takes per week to keep an OES in full coat.

Jeri Hoppe

Jeri purchased her first show dog, an Old English Sheepdog (OES), in 1981. As breeder, owner, and handler, she has shown numerous OES to their AKC Championships under her kennel name “Foursquare”. Her dogs have earned the honor of being recognized with wins at regional and national specialties. Jeri also entered the world of Norwich terriers in 2006.

Jeri’s skills and attention to detail have been recognized by breeders of the country’s top OES and Norwich. Dogs that she has groomed/conditioned include a top ten/multiple Best in Show OES, two multiple Best in Specialty Show OES, and the number one Norwich Terrier. In 2011, Jeri groomed the OES that won the Puppy Sweepstakes, Reserve Winners Dog and Reserve Winners Bitch at the Old English Sheepdog Club of America’s National Specialty plus the Norwich that won Best Veteran and Best Stud Dog at the Montgomery County Kennel Club show.

Jeri began her professional dog grooming career in 1981, and opened her salon, A Brush With Greatness, in 2005. She regularly grooms many Norwich and OES that are brought to her from far and wide. Jeri's time and talents have also benefited unwanted OES in the Chicagoland area for the past twenty five years.

In 2004, Jeri entered her first grooming competition. Shortly afterward, she won Best Groomed Dog at the Celebration of Style in 2005. In 2010 and 2011, Jeri earned a place on GroomTeam USA as a Top 10 Stylist. Her recent wins include a first place in the all other purebred group in Denver, first place in the terrier group in Atlanta, and a first place in the all other purebred group in Hershey.

Jeri resides in Barrington, Illinois, with husband Brian, children Mason, Mitchell and Caroline, and an extended family of Norwich and OES.


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