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Part 2: Client  Communications – Managing Expectations

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Don’t you wish you had a magic wand when it comes to talking with challenging clients?  You could simply tap your client’s shoulder and poof…. they totally understood EVERY WORD you were saying to them!

You know the drill. The owner shows up with a very matted dog. Of course, they ‘want it fluffy.’ How do you make them understand you can NOT do what they want? How do you educate them as to what you CAN do today – and what you COULD do for them in the future?

Join expert communicator, Khris Berry as she walks you through a typical client interaction with a dog in rough shape. Khris gives you ideas and examples of how SHE likes to interact with a client when she knows she cannot give them what they want. She is firm yet professional. She gives the client options for future grooms. As she is talking, she is always being the advocate for the customer at the end of the leash, the dog.

This is a great refresher on how to communicate with professional authority while still being open and receptive to the owner. Khris never backs down. She firmly understands what is in the best interest of both the pet and herself. Clients don’t always get what they want. You can’t wave your magic wand making tight matting instantly brush out. In this groominar, you will get to hear an expert communicator at work. Khris makes it easy to understand and model her communication style yourself. It’s almost as good as having a magical wand!

In this Double Feature Groominar you will learn:

  • The 4 most important items every groomer needs when starting out
  • 5 grooming aids to help you do your job safely and effectively
  • Effective dialogue as to what to expect during a difficult groom
  • How to build a bridge between the groomer and the client
  • How to manage the dog’s coat and the client’s desires

Khris Berry

Company: Co-Founder, See Spot Grooming & Daycare

Khris Berry has been working in the pet service field since 1987. She is actively involved with all aspects of pet grooming, and is also an accomplished canine behavioralist and trainer.

Khris runs multiple pet service businesses, including franchising the successful See Spot Grooming operation. She is an active advocate in trade associations focused on improving the professionalism of the grooming industry.

Khris worked with the American Kennel Club (AKC) to develop their Safe Handling course for groomers. She continues to teach the course periodically across the country. She is an tireless advocate for groomer standards and pet safety.

Khris also served as the Director of Grooming for the World Pet Association, a not-for-profit organization located in California. She worked tirelessly within this company to develop and promote programs for groomer education and advancement across the globe.

Khris believes strongly in continuing education. Her keen focus with processes has led to extensive curriculum and business development. She is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of professional pet grooming and training.

Khris has been awarded the Pet Age Vanguard Award, Women of Influence, and multiple nominations for prestigious Barkleigh Honors Awards - Contribution to the Industry, Speaker of the Year, Journalist of the Year, and Book of the Year.


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