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Styling the Head on a Pet Bichon

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Award winning pet stylist, Misty Fowler shows you how to style the head of pet Bichon to retain the proper essence of the breed. She talks about how to clear the jaw, trim the stop area, trim over the eyes, set the ear length, and shorten the muzzle length. Plus she shows you how to check the expression and how to set up the overall shape of the Bichon head.

Misty Fowler

Certifications: CMG

Misty Fowler has over 20 years of experience in the pet grooming industry.  She is a Certified Master Groomer, an award-winning stylist, and a three-time member of GroomTeam USA’s top 10 groomers.

Misty was a lead trainer at the Paragon School of Pet Grooming.  She is currently an active pet stylist at Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa. Her specialties include hand scissoring, breed profile trimming, speed, and efficiency.


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