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Terrier Personality Trim With A Mohawk On A Mixed Breed – Part 2

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Award winning stylist, Elizabeth Gibbs, is meeting ‘Oscar’ for the first time with this lesson. He is a cute terrier type mix. What we love about him is, he has gorgeous features. Elizabeth wants to highlight those features with a simple, everyday haircut, but there is a twist.

At first, this dog gave her a Dandie Dinmont vibe, but as she worked on the dog, she changed her mind (has that ever happened to you?). The coat on the top of his head was sparce. She was going to have a tough time pulling off a full, fluffy topknot like on a Dandie. What do you do? Change gears. Elizabeth stayed with the Dandie Dinmont type body style but changed up the head. She opted for a mohawk instead!

The haircut ended up being more of a personality type trim, yet it is a trim style she does every day in her salon – with a fun variation: the head style. Start to finish, you can knock this haircut out in an hour or less. This coat texture is soft and light. It can be a bit of a challenge to get it to look smooth and polished.

Elizabeth has some hints on how to work with this soft, flyaway coat texture. Join her as she shows you how you can achieve this playful look quickly and simply.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to the lift on these soft coats when clipping
  • How to make a dog feel respected when working on their legs
  • How to add style to even the simplest trim
  • Why she is so in love with this type of haircut
  • How to add lift to the muzzle area

Approximate total running time: 41 minutes 

Part 1: Clipping in the Body Pattern & Styling the Legs (23:02)
Part 2: Styling the Head (18:36)

Elizabeth Gibbs

Elizabeth is a Certified Master Groomer and top-ranking competitive stylist. Plus, she has been teaching, educating, and helping new groomers for years. She is enthusiastic about helping others improve their grooming skills.


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