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Understanding Canine Body Language

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As groomers – we all love pets. Especially dogs. We bath them. Dry them. Brush them. Clip them. Scissor them. We made them look and feel better every day.

But do you truly understand their behavior? Their language?

If you feel stressed and frustrated with your four-legged clients, this video can help you overcome those difficulties.

Listening to Khris Berry talk about canine body language was more than just enlightening. It’s uniquely brilliant. She thoroughly understands the behaviorism of the canine species. She knows how to bridge the communication gap to speak effectively with them.

Khris has spent her entire working career with dogs. She’s been a canine behaviorist for over 35 years. When not working with dogs, she’s playing with them on a competitive level. Khris has won dog sport titles in AKC conformation and obedience rings, along with herding trials, dock diving, lure coursing and barn hunts. She’s also been an AKC Good Citizen Evaluator for over 30 years.

As groomers, we work with dogs every single day. Most of those dogs are a joy to work with. But every day there are a couple who fall into the “special-needs” category. That’s where Khris and her communication methods shine.

Everything Khris shares is about winning the trust and cooperation of the pet. It’s about keeping YOU safe. It’s about keeping the DOG safe. If you know how to effectively communicate with the dog on your table, the grooming will become much easier – and less stressful for everybody!

Join Khris as she highlights a few basic elements making up the canine language. Her insights and techniques are easy to apply. The best part – you will see immediate results at YOUR grooming table!

In this video you will learn:

  • What is the #1 way dogs communicate
  • How to instantly recognize key indicators to a pet’s personality
  • How to alter your behavior to make a pet feel more comfortable
  • How to mimic non-threating canine behavior for immediate positive results
  • How to help a dog be more relaxed on a grooming table

Approximate total running time: 22 minutes

Khris Berry

Company: Co-Founder, See Spot Grooming & Daycare

Khris Berry has been working in the pet service field since 1987. She is actively involved with all aspects of pet grooming, and is also an accomplished canine behavioralist and trainer.

Khris runs multiple pet service businesses, including franchising the successful See Spot Grooming operation. She is an active advocate in trade associations focused on improving the professionalism of the grooming industry.

Khris worked with the American Kennel Club (AKC) to develop their Safe Handling course for groomers. She continues to teach the course periodically across the country. She is an tireless advocate for groomer standards and pet safety.

Khris also served as the Director of Grooming for the World Pet Association, a not-for-profit organization located in California. She worked tirelessly within this company to develop and promote programs for groomer education and advancement across the globe.

Khris believes strongly in continuing education. Her keen focus with processes has led to extensive curriculum and business development. She is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of professional pet grooming and training.

Khris has been awarded the Pet Age Vanguard Award, Women of Influence, and multiple nominations for prestigious Barkleigh Honors Awards - Contribution to the Industry, Speaker of the Year, Journalist of the Year, and Book of the Year.


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