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Adding Sparkle & Glamour with Glitter

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What a super simple way to add revenue to your bottom line! You get lots of sparkle and a lot of glam for very little effort. Glitter and simple bling is very easy to do.

Award-winning creative stylist, Lori Craig, shows you three different ways to glamor up a pooch. All three ways are super simple. Super-quick. And extremely economical.

First Lori starts with body art. She has some great tricks on how to apply glitter without making a mess. Next, she shows you how to dress up the ear tips on a short coated dog. She finishes out the segment by adding body bling. All three items only take moments to do.

Adding glam to your grooming services will bring a smile to your client’s face. It’s an easy add-on service to add just like bows and polish. Your clients will love it.

In this video you will learn:

• what brand of glue of makes glitter stick really well on short coated dogs

• what brand of glitter works well

• how to apply the glitter without making a mess

• ideas on howmuch to charge per design

• where to get the products

Lori Craig

Lori has been grooming since 1996. She went to Academy of Professional Dog Grooming. During school she started working at Classic Pets & Grooming. In September of 1997 she opened Doggie Styles Grooming. In 2019 her salon was awarded the winner Top Local Pet Groomer in Oklahoma.

In 2004 she attended The Pet Pro Classic grooming conference in Dallas, Texas. She saw her first grooming competition. She was hooked! Lori went out and bought a standard poodle for competition. The next year she competed in Dallas entering three different groups including creative styling.

Lori has gone on to be a multi-award-winning creative stylist and instructor. She has placed in almost every creative competition she has entered. She has been featured four times on the cover of Groomer-to-Groomer magazine with her artistic creations.

In 2011, her “Lion King” design, was undefeated, earning her a Barkleigh Honors Award. She also won the Barkleigh Honors award for Creative Stylist of the Year in 2015. In 2016, Lori’s passion for creative grooming was honored when she was awarded the Liz Paul Creative Stylist of the Year.

She has had the privilege of teaching creative grooming skills to groomers across the country - and around the world. She has traveled the world including Singapore, Scotland, Ireland, England and Canada teaching others how to turn their dogs into living artwork. Her work has been seen on TLC's show EXTREME POODLES, where she won first place. She has also been on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, TV Guide, AOL's Popeater, and many other TV shows.

Lori is the Vice President and a certifier for the National Society of Creative Stylists. Lori also works with the Creative Groomers Association, helping educate and promote creative styling worldwide.

Lori is part of a unique group of extremely talented professional pet stylists. She has been selected to be a part of the Wahl Elite Team, providing grooming education, inspiration and demonstrations around the world.

Lori Craig can be reached at E-Mail: for private training and coaching.


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