New Spotlight Sessions: Handling, Handstripping and Asian Style Rear Leg

January 20th, 2021 by karaadams


Handling Techniques on a Medium Dog

In this Spotlight Session, Michell Evans, demonstrates proper handling techniques on a Medium Sized dog. Run Time: 7:53

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Basic Handling Techniques for Small, Medium, Large and Special Needs Dogs

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What Tools Do You Need for Handstripping

In this Spotlight Session, Joshua Morales, talks about what tools are needed to hand-strip a Lakeland Terrier. Run Time: 5:13

This Spotlight Sessions if from the full video: Grooming the Lakeland Terrier

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Setting the Classic Rear on an Asian Style Trim

In this Spotlight Session, Lindsey Dicken, demonstrates how to set a classic rear leg on an Asian Style trim. Run Time: 4:06

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Asian Fusion on a Powderpuff Chinese Crested

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