New Spotlight Sessions: Handling Special Needs Dogs, Continuing Education and Hand Stripping Tools

October 27th, 2021 by karaadams


Handling Techniques - Special Needs Dog

In this Spotlight Session, Michell Evans demonstrates handling techniquesd with a special needs dog for safety and cooperation.  Run Time: 7:28

This Spotlight Session is from the Full Length Video: Basic Handling Techniques

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Back Porch Inspirations - Continued Education

In this Spotlight Session, Judy Hudson discusses the importance of Continued Education. Run Time: 2:33

This Spotlight Session is from the Full Length Video: Conversations from Judy’s Back Porch

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What Tools Do You Need for Handstripping

In this Spotlight Session, Joshua Morales, talks about what tools are needed to hand-strip a Lakeland Terrier. Run Time: 5:13

This Spotlight Sessions if from the full video: Grooming the Lakeland Terrier

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