New Spotlight Sessions: Lakeland Terrier Legs, Drop Coats & Nail Trimming

March 17th, 2021 by karaadams


What to Envision When Trimming Front Legs

In this Spotlight Session, Joshua Morales discusses what to envision when trimming the front legs of a Lakeland Terrier. Run Time: 8:33

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Grooming the Lakeland Terrier

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Just Go With It: Drop Coated Dog

In this Spotlight Session, Lindsey Dicken discusses why you should just go with it when dealing with a drop coated dog. Run Time: 3:23

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Thinning Shear Personality Trim on a Yorkie Mix

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How to Trim and File Nails

In this Spotlight Session, Misty Fowler demonstrates how to trim and file nails. Run Time: 7:17

This Spotlight Session is from the full video: Modified Pet Poodle Continental Trim

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